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Rockwall Dentist on The Run!

The Boston Marathon is one of the world’s oldest and best known annual races.  Just this year, the event saw a turnout of about 30,000 participants. But one special runner was our very own Dr. Mary Courtin! If Dr. Courtin’s name seems familiar, it may be because you watched our first “We Are Dentistry” video that featured Dr. Courtin and her family. In this first installment of our project, Dr. Courtin shares the story behind her passion of running.

“Running has become part of who I am. Being fit and healthy for my children, it’s become something I’m very proud of,” Dr. Courtin tells in the video.

Dr. Courtin, owner of Courtin Dental & Orthodontics in Rockwall, Texas competed alongside 11 other teammates representing Rockwall Running Club or “RRC”.

At a send-off breakfast at IHOP, all members of the RRC were presented with a poster depicting their “Journey To Boston”, showing steps to represent the number of years they had participated in the Boston Marathon. No rookie to competing, this was Dr. Courtin’s fifth time running a marathon, but marked the very first time for her to run the famous Boston Marathon, which requires qualification of all runners.

Courtin said “The experience is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Boston is extremely welcoming and adores their runners.”



When asked what surprised Courtin the most, the race was not the culprit, “There was an all-girl college that kisses the marathon runners!” exclaimed Courtin. That’s right, kiss! What Courtin experienced was the Wellesley College “Scream Tunnel”, a tradition that dates back to the university’s founding in the 70’s. College women pack the 13th mile of the race, motivational—and sometimes racy, signs in-hand to cat call and kiss the runners.

Dr. Courtin completed the marathon with an impressive overall time of 3:33, qualifying her to compete again next year. Your MB2 family is so proud of your accomplishment, Dr. Courtin! We can’t wait to see what else you accomplish.


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