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Rockwall Dentist on The Run!

The Boston Marathon is one of the world’s oldest and best known annual races.  Just this year, the event saw a turnout of about 30,000 participants. But one special runner was our very own Dr. Mary Courtin! If Dr. Courtin’s name seems familiar, it may be because you watched our first “We Are Dentistry” video that featured Dr. Courtin and her family. In this first installment of our project, Dr. Courtin shares the story behind her passion of running.

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Insurance Benefits Have Renewed – Are You Making Your Dental Health a Priority This Year?

A new year marks a new, fresh beginning for many people. This is the time to make resolutions that may include getting your mouth and smile to a healthy and beautiful state! Dental Insurance benefits from your employer can be a huge help in making sure you receive the best care for your mouth and smile. Plus many dental insurance plans that are on a calendar year cycle have renewed benefits as of January 1st.

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3 Simple Dental Care Tips to Improve Your Overall Health in the New Year

New Year, New You

Every year, we create resolutions aimed at improving our health. It is important to include your dental health too! Taking proper care of your gums and teeth can have a significant impact on your overall health and life. Perhaps, you want to ensure that you don’t neglect any important aspect of taking care of your gums and teeth. At Courtin Dental in Rockwall, we want to help you improve your dental hygiene and health this year by sharing dental care tips that will enhance your overall health.

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